Terms & Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, the expression "site/sites" refers to PartyBus.com, and the company that owns and operates it. The expression "subscriber" refers to the company/person who uses our services on a trial/paid subscription basis to advertise their services. The expression "customer/customers" refers to the company/person who uses our services/site to view vehicle(s)/service(s) provided by the subscriber. The contract is to be read with all changes in gender or number as required by the context.

Party Bus Terms #1 Service Description. The site provides an online subscription based advertising service.

Party Bus Terms #2 Content. The entire content of the site is provided for informational purposes only. No guarantee or warrant is made towards the authenticity of any of the content on the site which includes, but is not limited to text, images, links, audio, video etc.

Party Bus Terms #3 Leads. The site makes no guarantee towards lead expectations. Leads sent through the site to the subscriber, are not guaranteed reservations. The subscriber must follow up with the customer directly and provide pricing, clarification of price provided, and confirm the reservation directly with the customer.

Party Bus Terms #4 Trials Subscriptions. Trial subscriptions are valid for up to 24 months from the start date of the subscribers account creation. No payments are required during the trial period. We reserve the right to terminate a trial period at any time which may, or may not require the client to upgrade to a paid subscription if the subscriber chooses to continue receiving service.

Party Bus Terms #5 Paid Subscriptions. Paid subscriptions are valid until end of day of the last day paid for. All unpaid non-trial subscriptions may result in termination of service and/or deletion of account if full payment isn't received within 14 days from the date unpaid. A paid subscription is valid for up to 5 zones in the subscribers immediate area. The subscriber may require multiple subscriptions if they wish to advertise their services in more zone/cities than the alloted amount per account. The subscriber agrees to only advertise vehicles that they directly own and operate on the site.

Party Bus Terms #6 Uptime. The site provides a 99% monthly uptime guarantee of our site and services. A limited pro-rated refund of the monthly price paid specific to days of outages that do not offer at least a 99% uptime will be refunded by the end of the following month after the site receives a written request by the subscriber. All requests by the subscriber must be made within 30 days from the date of the outage to receive the limited pro-rated refund as described above.

Party Bus Terms #7 Indemnity. Both the subscriber and the customer acknowledge and expressly agree that use of the site is at their sole risk. No guarantees of service, quality of service, company/service legitimacy is made towards the customer by the site. We advise all customers to research the subscriber in depth via other means than the site, prior to engaging in any form of relationship with the subscriber.

Party Bus Terms #8 Payments. All payments made to the site are non-refundable/non-transferable, unless otherwise stated within these terms and conditions. It is the subscribers sole responsibility to manage their subscription with the site via the merchant gateways website (ie: PayPal.com). The site will not change, or cancel subscriptions on the subscribers behalf.

Party Bus Terms #9 Copyrights. All images/content listed within the site belong to their respective owners. The site reserves the right to use the subscribers images/content to promote the subscribers services. Any disputes of copyrights should be emailed to management@partybus.com for review.

Party Bus Terms #9 Amendments. The site reserves the exclusive right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. All changes will take effect immediately for trial/paid subscriptions. It is the responsibility of the subscriber, and customer to stay up to date with the terms and conditions listed within.

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