Rent a Bus To Every Annual Convention In Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just about the neon lights of the Strip, world-class casinos, and celebrity chef-driven gourmet restaurants. Conventions are the city’s bread and butter, the real superstars that keep those 150,000 hotel rooms buzzing with visitors year-round. Every year, Las Vegas contends with other convention hot-spots like Orlando and Chicago to attract big business and big spenders—and Vegas doesn’t disappoint. Last year alone, Las Vegas brought in over 5 million convention attendees and hosted nearly 22,000 conventions.

So what does this mean for your trip? Well, it means you’ve got your pick of interesting tradeshows, expos, and conferences—from niche tech and industry events to consumer-centric shopping events that attract collectors, artists, and enthusiasts from around the world. No matter if you’re a business professional, an artist, or a casual hobbyist, there’s a convention out there for you. And when you bring a group of colleagues, friends, or fellow enthusiasts along, it makes the whole experience more impactful.

But navigating Las Vegas during busy convention times can be a bit overwhelming—especially with a large group in tow. That’s where a Las Vegas bus rental comes in! Simplify your travels to the convention center and to your choice of events, restaurants, casinos, and other popular Vegas attractions when you book a charter bus or minibus with

Simplify Group Transportation Services For Las Vegas Conventions

When your business team, family, or community organization is planning a trip into Las Vegas, what’s the biggest stressor? We’re not talking about the looming threat of a blackjack losing streak or the chance that someone in your group might accidentally wander into a wrong turn on Fremont Street and miss the big event. It’s the transportation, of course!

Planning for multiple rental cars or coordinating rideshares can become a big headache, especially when everyone in your group is on a different schedule. Even if your convention attendees have a set arrival time for a group meeting, it can be difficult to make sure everyone can hail a cab or rideshare when 100,000 other people are trying to do the same thing at the same time.

A private charter bus or minibus rental through, though, will give your group comfortable and efficient travel arrangements throughout your entire convention experience.

Whether you’re coming in from nearby cities like Henderson and Reno or embarking on a long-haul from LA or Phoenix, we can find you the perfect transportation solution with our network of over 5,000 buses across the country. Your group will have a driver to safely shuttle you between hotels, conference facilities, and anywhere else on your Las Vegas itinerary.

Minibuses are especially well-suited to city travel, thanks to their smaller size and ability to easily maneuver around the crowded streets surrounding the Las Vegas Convention Center. These buses can seat anywhere from 18 to 35 people, which makes them a perfect option for groups of friends, small businesses, or school clubs in need of efficient shuttles. Full-sized charter buses offer larger seating capacities (usually 56 passengers), on-board bathrooms, and plenty of space for all your luggage. They are better for bigger groups and for longer travel distances.

No matter which type of bus you choose, your group can enjoy on-the-road features like WiFi and televisions to help you relax while your driver handles the traffic. And as long as you book a bus rental that permits alcoholic drinks onboard, you can even get the festivities started early with a pre-game party in your private bus. You can request specific amenities during the booking process with to ensure you have the perfect travel accommodations for your trip.

Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)

Date: Nov. 5 – 8

Attendees: ~70,000

Ready to get your motor running? When the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) brings its car show to town, Vegas turns into a haven for all things automobiles. It’s one of the biggest trade shows in the U.S., bringing manufacturers, buyers, and industry enthusiasts together for new tech innovations and market predictions. If you’re in the car biz or just love hot rods, street racers, and muscle cars—this is the place to be. It’s also worth noting that the SEMA Show is strictly for qualified business registrants, not open to the public.

While SEMA used to primarily center on high-performance cars, recent years have seen an increase in specialty equipment for trucks, off-road vehicles, and motorsports. If you’ve ever seen a tricked-out Hummer on the road with glowing LED lights, massive wheels, and a sleek paint job, it probably got its makeover at SEMA. The show includes over 2,400 exhibiting companies—which explains why it takes over most of the Las Vegas Convention Center and multiple other areas in the city!

SEMA, as it happens, is notorious for causing Las Vegas’s worst traffic jams. You won’t want to be stuck in gridlock for hours upon hours while trying to find a place to park among thousands of fellow convention-goers. can streamline your travel to and from the convention center. Your group can be dropped off and picked up at a designated location at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG & International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE)

Date: March 10 – 14

Attendees: ~139,000

If SEMA is the show for automobile lovers, then CONEXPO is the show for construction and engineering enthusiasts. Hosted every three years, this massive event attracts thousands of people from across the globe who work in various sectors of the construction industry. With more than 2,800 exhibitors that include the “biggest names” in construction equipment manufacturing and technology, CONEXPO is the place to be to see the latest trends in construction machinery, technology, and industry predictions.

You’ll find everything from asphalt paving and concrete pumps to earthmoving equipment, hauling trucks, cranes, lifts, and more! The 2023 show saw nearly 140,000 visitors and was hailed as one of the largest construction trade shows in North American history, so if you’re looking to attend in 2026, be sure to plan and book your accommodations early. Along with the main events at the convention center, CONEXPO also includes off-site events at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

Reserve a motorcoach rental for your business or organization to get to CONEXPO. The show lasts a week and includes both indoor and outdoor exhibitions, so a charter bus is the perfect option for transporting your group between locations. Everyone can relax and stay cool onboard a spacious charter bus with AC and plush, reclining seats as you travel from the convention center to the festival grounds. And if you’re going to be touring with a large number of attendees from the same company or organization, can even build a custom fleet of charter buses for your trip. Our team of transportation specialists will work around the clock to make your trip as easy as possible.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

Date: Jan. 9 – 12

Attendees: ~115,000

The first thing that’s bound to come to mind when you hear “convention” and “Las Vegas”? The Consumer Electronics Show, of course! And for good reason: CES is one of the most recognizable and widely-attended tech events in the world. Companies from every corner of the consumer tech and business worlds come here to show off their latest and greatest innovations. This year, CES brought in over 115,000 attendees, marking a steady uptick in attendance since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

The convention typically showcases an array of emerging tech—some may seem like sci-fi movie props at first but will hit consumer markets in the coming years. CES 2023 showcased new tech innovations like transparent televisions, smart homes powered by artificial intelligence, and even flying electric cars. Although some of the tech may never actually hit shelves, it’s always exciting to see what’s coming down the pipeline!

CES can be an overwhelming event for first-time attendees. Not only is there a massive crowd, but CES covers 2.4 million square feet of exhibition space at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you’re traveling with a large group from one company or organization, renting a private charter bus can alleviate some of the stress. Everyone will arrive together in one place and can also avoid parking their own vehicles in the crowded Las Vegas Convention Center lots and garages. If you’re planning a multi-day trip from your headquarters, you can even arrange for your driver to shuttle everyone from hotels, restaurants, and popular attractions around Vegas in the evenings.

International Builders’ Show (IBS) And Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

Date: Feb. 27 – 29

Attendees: ~110,000

Two of the largest trade shows in the country have merged to make one mega-convention for folks in the construction industry. The International Builders’ Show (IBS), hosted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), has partnered with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) to bring two essential trade events to the same venue at the same time. Visitors from every sector of the home construction industry can easily bounce between these two expos and get a taste of everything that’s changing in the market. IBS covers everything from home construction and design to sustainable energy and security, while KBIS focuses on the world of kitchens, bathrooms, and smart home tech. The duo drew in nearly 110,000 visitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding areas in 2023, so plan to book your shuttle bus from well in advance if you’re attending in 2024.

Large groups of contractors, architects, and other construction workers can also benefit from a shuttle service between hotels and the convention center with a bus rental from Rather than booking multiple rideshare services and waiting around in the Las Vegas Convention Center parking complex, everyone can ride as one unit in a comfortable charter bus. Everyone in your group can relax in reclining seats and enjoy movies or play games with on-board WiFi as your driver handles the parking, traffic, and road closures.

National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB) Show

Date: April 14 – 17

Attendees: ~65,000

For those in the media and entertainment world, no convention can beat the National Association Of Broadcasters’ (NAB) yearly show. The event is the place to be for professionals who work in everything from film and television to radio and digital streaming. NAB showcases the hottest tech and latest trends for content creators and broadcasting companies. You’ll also see some big names from the film and media industry attending for conferences, workshops, and exhibitions.

The NAB Show is held at multiple venues on the Las Vegas Strip, including the convention center. This can make traveling as a group around The Strip difficult, especially during peak travel hours in the evenings after event workshops and conferences. If you’re bringing a large group of producers, editors, and other media professionals to the NAB Show, be sure to plan easy transportation around the Las Vegas Strip.

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Las Vegas doesn’t play around when it comes to conventions, and neither does Reserve your group transportation to any one of the thousands of shows each year with a comfortable, reliable charter bus. With a variety of bus rental options that accommodate groups of all sizes, you’ll travel together in air-condition through the traffic and navigation.

For more information on booking a minibus or charter bus for your Las Vegas convention trip, give a call at 877-563-2133. Our team of experienced rental representatives is available 24/7 to provide you with a free, personalized quote!