Best Places To Take Prom Pictures In London, Ontario
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Graduation picture
Graduation picture
If you are about to graduate and have a magical time at prom night with your friends but you
have no idea where you can take some amazing prom pictures in London, Ontario, you can
stop worrying right now because we have got you covered. All you have to do is get your
party bus limo ready and keep reading this article to discover the most beautiful and scenic
environments you can take some truly beautiful pictures.

Civic gardens
Just as the name suggests, Civic gardens is a beautiful haven of flowers, manicured gardens,
beautiful walkways, a gazebo, conservatory and a picturesque pond. If you would love to
have such stunning backgrounds in your prom pictures then head down to civic gardens for
some truly unique pictures. Whether you would like to take a motion picture on the
walkways, or pose among the many species of exotic flowers, trees and plants grown in the
conservatory, there is no shortage of unique spaces in the gardens that can serve as a beautiful
location for you and your friends to take pictures. The gardens have been around for decades
so you know there’s history as well as a unique beauty that comes with capturing images in
this spot.

Springbank Park
Springbank Park is the largest of its kind in London, Ontario so there are lots of trails,
greenery and other attractions what will make for some pretty incredible picture taking. It’s
right along the Thames River so
you will also be able to get some waterside pictures if you want to. You can take some
pictures on any of the bridges over the water, or head over to the swing sets and skateboard
parks for some activity including shots. There is a lot of space in this 140 hectare park so you
won’t run out of options for your pictures. You can head over in your fancy group
transportation limousine and then choose from the many locations Springbank Park has to

Storybook gardens
Another beautiful location for pictures in London Ontario is storybook gardens. This garden
is actually located in Springbank Park but it is such an amazing spot that it deserves to be
cited on its own. This cute garden brings the world of fairytales to life and if you do not
already feel like a princess or prince in your beautiful prom outfits already, then having your
pictures taken in this location will do the trick. Your party bus limo will be your royal
carriage that carries you safely to your castle where you can have fun touring some of the
gardens attractions before posing for pictures in any of the locations you like.

St. Peter’s cathedral basilica
This large gothic style church with its stained glass and towers will provide the perfect
medieval but timeless feel to your pictures. You can pose in front of the building so it creates
the perfect background or you can move closer if you are looking to incorporate some of the
smaller amazing details into your pictures like the brickwork or archways and stained glass.
Your pictures will look like they were shot in front of a real castle and you’ll surely cherish
the images forever.

This is just a short list of some of the best places you can take your prom pictures at in
london, Ontario. Begin your magical prom night by getting a reliable group transportation
limousine to take you to any or all of these locations for some amazing pictures you won’t
be able to stop staring at for years.