A Party Bus
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I am excited to blog for the largest Party Bus and Limousine booking company in the world www.PartyBus.com. A Party Bus is the ultimate ride to snag for events that involve 10 or more friends. Party Buses can normally hold up to 50 passengers. However, I have seen a few crazy ones that hold up to 70 people.

So what makes a Party Bus the ultimate ride?  Well it is really so many awesome things: The light shows, the bar, the large screen TV’s, the music blasting away, the dancing and of course all of your friends in one place traveling together and partying at the same time.  It is also great for preventing drinking and driving at the end of a wild and crazy night.

Party Busses are designed to have the look and feel of a limousine inside. What makes them more fun is being able to stand up, the light show and the capacity to hold large amounts of people.

Each Party-Busser have his or her own unique experience and story to tell. My favorite experience was my 25th Birthday. Me and 45 friends got picked up in a ginormous Party Bus. My DJ friend had prepared his best mixed playlist and he was in charge of the music. Another friend was responsible for the lighting and lightshow.  As we got to the Casino, it had felt like we had already partied the whole night. But the party was just beginning. I won $1,500 at the casino. We went back into the Party Bus and headed to the bars- hopping from one bar to the other the whole night. It was the wildest and craziest night. So many things happened that I can not even discuss :)

As the saying goes.. what happens in the Party Bus stays in the Party Bus.
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